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Membership | Koh Tao Massage


Koh Tao Massage Association is open for membership to all professional providers of massage services in Koh Tao, including massage salons, clinics, spas, resorts etc.

Koh Tao Massage Association is non-profit. The membership fees are moderate, and all income is used to the benefit of the members. Any profit is kept in the association for future projects.


  • Members get marketing and promotion via the association’s website and several other digital channels (Facebook, Google Business etc.).
  • Members also get access to certificates, stickers, flyers, brochures and other material they can use in their brand building and marketing.
  • The association regulates the minimum prices so that the industry is healthy and sustainable. This provides both owners and employees with a solid income and a good work life. It also minimizes unhealthy competition that is destructive to the business.
  • The association regulates the quality of salons and therapists, to ensure the safety of both workers and customers. This helps create and sustain a high quality environment and a solid marketing brand for Koh Tao Massage.
  • Members get access to the association’s training programs for therapists, managers and marketing personnel.
  • Members also get access to individualized consulting and production services regarding development, management, marketing and promotion.